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“For many years, Dana Desonie has been engaged by the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory to write science highlights based upon experimentation carried out at this Department of Energy-funded national research facility managed by The University of Chicago. These are not simple assignments. They require an ability to comprehend the content of peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and explain the research in such a way as to make it (1) clear to a non-scientific audience, (2) acceptable to the researchers who carried out the studies, (3) within the APS editorial guidelines, and (4) engaging, highly readable, and even entertaining. Dana meets all of these criteria, every time. I cannot recall a single instance where her work for us has been anything but exemplary. I would enthusiastically recommend Dana to anyone looking for a consummate writing professional who is also a no-drama joy to work with.”Richard B. Fenner, Manager, PSC Communications and Information

“As science content manager at CK-12 Foundation, I hired Dana Desonie as an independent contractor to serve as an author, domain expert, and reviewer for our middle and high school earth science content. We worked together for 11.5 years until I retired. Dr. Desonie is a consummate professional - her writing and subject matter expertise is superb, creative, and accessible; she is flexible, remains calm under pressure, and is easy to work with; her attention to detail and TLC are greatly appreciated; and her ability to meet impossible deadlines and deliverable schedules is a godsend. In short, her extraordinary skills, grace, wit, and humor made her an excellent colleague and friend — she would be an asset to any team or project.”Juli Weiss, CK-12 Foundation, retired

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CK-12 Earth Science, CK-12 Foundation, online textbooks (2007-2019)

Our Fragile Planet (2007-2008), a set of eight trade books, was a major accomplishment for Dana in environmental science. Aimed at grades 6 through 12, and published by Chelsea House in 2007-2008, each book constructs a detailed scientific framework for environmental issues, describes those issues and explores the actions that we can take as individuals and as a society. See them on Amazon: Our Fragile Planet, Desonie

Award: “Oceans: How We Use the Seas” was named one of the “Top Ten Environmental Books for Youth for 2007” by Booklist.

Scientific American Focus on Cosmic Collisions (1996), Henry Holt and Company.

Cosmic Collisions


Argonne National Laboratory, APS Science 2019, Volume 1

ANL-19/27 Vol., 1, ISSN 1931-5007, December 2019


  • Single-Molecule Magnets for Data Storage, pp. 8-9
  • Disorder in the Cuprate Superconductors, pp. 12-13
  • Superionic Crystals Can Make Better Rechargeable Batteries, pp. 18-19
  • Brittle Failure Linked to Eclogitization of the Lower Continental Crust, pp. 100-101