For Cengage Learning, I was part of a team put together to create an Earth science course for a well-known online university. As the content expert, I created course objectives, wrote the lesson content to meet those objectives, created assignments and discussion topics, and integrated laboratories.

With Science Approach, (, a small educational company that uses images to teach science concepts, I have developed educational lessons for students from middle school through advanced undergraduate and graduate. Lessons developed for Science Approach translate current scientific research into inquiry-based explorations in which students collect and analyze data and come to their own conclusions. The lessons are rigorous and are designed to inspire discussions on important scientific topics.

I also developed internet-based lessons for StudyWorks!, the now-defunct science branch of MathSoft!

In a more traditional sense, I have developed lessons for college students as an adjunct professor. My courses have included geology, oceanography and Technical Writing for Geologists at Arizona State University, South Mountain Community College in Phoenix, and Fairleigh-Dickinson University, New Jersey. In Technical Writing, I worked one-on-one with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to develop the writing project of their choice, usually a grant proposal, thesis proposal or a professional manuscript.

Sample Education Work


solar panel array

NeuroVisions: Investigating Allosteric Modulation of GABAA Receptors; Form and Function of Individual Neurons; Kiss and Run and Other Models of Neurotransmitter Release, with Miles Orchinik neuroscience advisor, 2009-2011.

Powers of Inquiry: Warming Seas: What Phytoplankton Can Tell Us About Global Warming, 2008.

Powers of Inquiry: Small Worries? The Risks and Benefits of Nanoparticles, 2009

Sleuthing at the Grand Canyon, Studyworks! web page [now defunct] of MathSoft Engineering and Education, Inc., 2002


Introduction to Physical Geology
Introduction to Historical Geology
Technical Writing for Geologists